Top 5 Best Home Pets

Humans make pets part of their family and you will plainly not see an elephant keeping a lion company. Pets offer comfort and companionship, and they provide various benefits to their owners.

It is believed people who own pets always experience high self-esteem, improved physical benefits and reduced feelings of loneliness. The following are best pets that you can keep at your home.


The dog is considered man’s best friend and you will not miss one in most households. This animal has helped humans in their endeavors, and most of all provide security. Dogs will risk their lives to protect their human companions. Dogs can do anything from hunting, bomb detection and rescue people from disasters.

They are the most preferred pets because they are beautiful, playful, and dutiful and love unconditionally.


Cats are known to be the cleanest pets and have better hygiene compared to dogs. They are the most independent pets and don’t require more attention like dogs. In addition to that, they can still be comfortable even without the presence of their owners.

Did you know cats can learn some tricks just like the dog? You can teach them to fetch things or make them play some game. Cats are safer and friendlier since they cannot pounce on the guests.


Rabbits are adorable, beautiful, have funny ears and adapt well to the humans. In the category of small pets, they have the longest life spans ranging from 7 to 10 years. They are the most favorite pets for kids because they have soft fur and floppy ears. They always tend to follow the owner around the house.


Birds are easy to maintain and can be as social as dogs.  They are also easy to breed, and you can raise their young ones with little effort. They are colorful if they become part of your home and their tweeting sounds can be charming. You can keep your birds in one area of your home to prevent the messing everywhere. The following breeds of birds can comfortably adapt to humans canaries, lovebirds, finches and cockatiels.


If you love pet rodents, then hamsters are the best option for you. They are good pets and easy to look after. Apart from that, they are friendly and relatively independent requiring less attention than any other pets like the dogs. To make t hamsters enjoy the stay, ensure to buy them toys.



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