Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaners? Questions to Ask

Hiring end of tenancy cleaners is something that you will do severally in your life as a tenant.  How you go about hiring the cleaning service makes a difference; whether the job will pass the landlord’s inspection and your tenancy deposit is refunded, or the job is shoddy, leading to a dispute with the landlord and withholding of your tenancy deposit.

A good number of people will engage the first cleaning service that seems cheapest, much to their disappointment when they have to do a repeat job. Here are some questions you should ask an end of tenancy North London service when engaging them for end of tenancy cleaners.

How do you charge?

Some cleaning services charge by the hour while others charge by area size (square feet). Some will have standard charges by the number of rooms handled, e.g. 3-bedroom house costs X pounds. It is good to know the charging criteria lest it is disadvantageous to you.  Being charged per hour for a 5-bedroom house, for example, can cost more than being charged per square footage.

What is your off-limits list?

Different cleaning services have different tasks they do not handle. Many will not handle hazardous tasks like spilt chemicals. Others will stay away from organic hazards like blood and human waste.  Some will shy away from tasks that involve lifting heavy furniture because they do not wish to carry the liability in case this furniture breaks.

It is crucial that you establish the off-limits list of a cleaning service. This will avoid misunderstandings where you think that the company has deliberately skipped some tasks.

Are there special preparations required?

Will the cleaning service require you to avail any equipment or cleaning materials? It is important to know if the cleaning crew would need anything from you. This way the work is not stalled in case what they need is not available.

Are there guarantees of good work?

How does the cleaning service ensure that good work is done? What happens if the work is not done properly? The cleaning service should establish this so that there are no unnecessary disputes if the landlord disputes this work.

You should also establish who assumes the cost in case of a repeat job. Will the cleaning company agree to show this in the agreement? Establishing these facts can save you good money in case the job is not done professionally.

An end of tenancy cleaning North London service is your best guarantee for a professional cleaning job. Ask the questions above and get the right service.

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