What Don’t I Use To Play Games?

Currently the only consoles we have in the house are the Wii, GameCube, and PlayStation. I would like to have a PS2 and PS3, and perhaps an X-Box 360 as well, so as to be able to play all of those games, but that will not be happening for a while.

I also do not use my phone to play games. It is not because of the small size of the screen, but because all of the games are subscription based and I am not about to pay every month for those subscriptions. I can’t afford to pay for WoW or RIFT, both of which require a monthly subscription, so I am not going to put extra fees on my cell phone bill to play games there.

I am however going to be getting a new laptop in the next few months and I am planning to ask around about what laptop would be best for gaming as I would like to know that the games are not going to lag due to lack of good memory and processor speed. Oh how I miss my PC, which had a gaming board, kick butt processor, and ton of memory. :( The computer overheated and blew the board so it doesn’t even recognize that there is a hard drive connected to it anymore. *sigh*

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