Unbelievable & Unacceptable

After overhearing a conversation my BFF was having with one of her advisers from college, I am shocked and appalled at what said adviser had to say to her. BFF has been having some trouble with her accounting class – she just doesn’t understand the material. We’ve all been there – taken a class we just don’t get. It happens. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just one of those things that our brains don’t want to wrap around.

What shocked and appalled me was that her adviser basically blamed my BFF for her issues with understanding the material AND for her failed attempts at getting help. Excuse me? She asked for help from the instructor of the class before an assignment she needed guidance with was due, and did not receive an answer until after the assignment was turned in, and then the response was to wait until the instructor had finished grading the assignments. So she went to the Student Accounting Lab and asked for help. Instead of giving her what she asked for, they gave her links to websites that basically mirrored what the textbook said instead of providing clarification on what the textbook said. But of course, it is my BFF’s fault that her instructor doesn’t respond in a timely manner or with an answer to what was asked, and it is my BFF’s fault that people in the Student Accounting Lab do the same thing to her.

What the hell is wrong with these people? How dare they ignore the fact that she asked for help and was ignored by the instructor and basically ignored by the people in the Student Accounting Lab? How dare they basically accuse her of being the one at fault here? What kind of school is this?

I have to say, she isn’t the only student with this problem – I faced something similar in one of my Associate Degree classes, although I never mentioned it to my advisers – for this very reason. I had a feeling I’d be the one taking the blame for the issues.

This is unbelievable and frankly, unacceptable. We’re paying this school far too much money to be treated like garbage when we don’t understand something and we pay far too much to this school for the “privilege” of attending classes online to get a degree for them to indicate that something that is clearly the fault of an instructor is the fault of the student. How is it a student’s fault if they contact an instructor and the instructor either doesn’t answer the question asked but answers with something unrelated or doesn’t answer at all?

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