This Carrier is Tired

So on my new paper route, there are these papers called the Shopper’s Guide that have to be delivered. These are a free paper that is delivered weekly on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on who is delivering them. This is in addition to the newspapers that I have to deliver on a daily basis, and the Shopper’s Guide only goes to those people who either don’t subscribe to the paper at all, or only get the paper on Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, or Sunday only. Six and seven day a week subscribers do not get shoppers.

On the current route I am supposed to deliver 176 shoppers, but I was only given 96 shoppers to deliver this week for that route. I’m going to ask when I pick up my papers because I was missing like 80 shoppers, although they won’t get delivered in time for the Thursday noon deadline if they do give me the last two bundles – I doubt they’ll have them though, since the delivery truck separated them by how many bundles each route got and the truck driver only gave my route 2.5 bundles. *sigh*

Now this carrier is dog tired from doing two different paper deliveries in one day – but at least on the shopper deliveries I had help – LaShawn helped me deliver the shopper. :) We have a plan for next week, but I’ll discuss that in another post. ;)

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