The New Farmville…

Yeah, I got sucked into playing FarmVille on Facebook again. I kept seeing friends posting that they needed this and that in FarmVille and so I started playing it again. The only thing is, I’m starting to think there are too many farms. It’s almost like an entirely new FarmVille.

The list of farms I currently have on FarmVille are:

  • Home
  • English Countryside
  • Lighthouse Cove
  • Hawaiian Paradise
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Jade Falls
  • Enchanted Glen
  • Atlantis

Atlantis and Enchanted Glen are FarmVille’s newest farms, but I got Atlantis before I got Enchanted Glen, so I’m not precisely sure what order those two go in. I’m also not sure if there are any farms between Jade Falls & Enchanted Glen or Atlantis that I missed.

I know a friend of mine started playing FarmVille and leveled up to where she’d been told she could get her English Countryside farm and she was never prompted for it, so she kept playing, but said she was never prompted for Lighthouse Cove, Hawaiian Paradise, or Winter Wonderland either. She said she ended up getting her 2nd farm with Jade Falls.

Some people are upset that there are so many farms, others are upset that they missed out on farms. Personally, I don’t think it should be limited to where players only have a certain time frame in which to gain the newest farms, I think they should be available to all players. After all, new players who find out about older farms they don’t have might feel cheated. ;)

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