Lonely? Depressed?

I suppose I can’t say I’m really lonely – I have my best friend and her mom who live in the same house I do. I have a cat and a dog and my best friend’s cat. But sometimes I get lonely online. I only really have one or two people who bother to talk to me.

Most of my friends only have Facebook for instant messaging now and even when they are showing as online, they don’t bother to talk to me. I can message them and get nothing back from them, which is why I rarely message most of my friends anymore. It seems like most of my friends are either so busy they don’t notice that I’ve messaged them, or they simply don’t want to talk to me.

So I got asked at the doctor’s office if I feel lonely. Of course, you have to stop and think – they’re asking for a depression screening. If I tell them yes, they start watching me for depression. If I say no, I’m all right. Makes all the sense in the world, doesn’t it?

Honestly, even if I am depressed, all I have to do is answer their questions with “no” when they ask. I mean, seriously, it isn’t really that hard to answer a question with “no.” But they’re interested in seeing if anyone answers the questions truthfully and getting someone some help if they need it.

But really, being lonely doesn’t mean you’re depressed. It means at the moment, you’re feeling lonely. Things aren’t always what they seem, and questions on a piece of paper that you answer yes or no really don’t determine anything other than you can answer a question with a yes or a no.

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