Is Facebook Worth It?

Lately I’ve wondered if Facebook is really worth the trouble. I rarely ever talk to anyone on there and I usually feel like any comments I leave on posts would be taken the wrong way, so I don’t comment much on posts. I honestly wonder if Facebook is really worth bothering with.

My news feed doesn’t update very often and when it does update, it is either something I’d be ticked off about or something I don’t care about. I do “like” a lot of posts, but I don’t comment much. I only have a couple of people I actually talk to on there, although I admit, out of over 200 friends, I have Facebook set to only allow about nine friends to see that I’m online. This is because there are only about 9 or 10 people on Facebook I’m comfortable talking to. I know, I know, I can’t meet new people if I don’t let them talk to me, but I’m a creature of anti-social behavior. I feel awkward talking to people I don’t really know unless we have something in common, and then usually if we get off the subject of what we have in common, I clam up.

So I wonder if Facebook is worth it. I mean, I know Facebook is a great way to connect with customers for my business, but I’m seriously starting to wonder if I really, truly want to be on Facebook personally. I guess I’m just not feeling Facebook today – I was on, got bored, and actually closed the Facebook window, which I find I’ve been doing a lot lately.

I find it funny because before Facebook, I was on MySpace and I rarely, if ever used it, and still don’t. I still have a MySpace profile, but I never use it. I use my Facebook and Twitter, but lately I’ve been staying off Twitter too, at least at the computer. I usually check every so often via my phone.

I guess I’m just not that into social networks – I suppose it makes sense since I’m basically anti-social. ;)

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2 thoughts on “Is Facebook Worth It?

  1. cassie

    i too at times feel as though facebook is pointless. my real status updates i direct to my twitter as my friend lists are different between fb & twitter. i rarely comment on facebook either, keep it to simple likes to kinda say hey glad shits good and thats about it lol. so is facebook “worth it” .. i guess that depends on what your looking to get out of it, seems like it is worth it in the end for you, because you connect with a small group of people sharing daily activities without saying ‘hey go to my blog and comment to me there’ everyday lol

  2. Charity Lynn Post author

    LOL, I think anymore I just use Facebook to a) talk to the couple of friends I talk to on there because that’s the only way I have of talking to them and b) to play games because I’m a dumbass who is addicted to stupid farming games. LOL

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