I’m Not Moving

For serious people, I’m sick of all the e-mail I get concerning finding a new place to live. I just moved back in September – and I didn’t even leave the city/town I’m in. Funny that since I moved back here I’ve moved three times to different places. LOL

But I’m not looking for real estate highlands nc, I’m not looking for real estate Colorado Springs, CO, I’m not looking for real estate Minneapolis, MN. I’m staying right here in Sioux City, where I currently reside. I am not moving until someone tells me I have to. I like it where I am, thank you very much.

PS: If you ever want to know how much a blog post can affect the type of e-mail you get – just post that you’re moving on a blog. You’ll get e-mail like mad. (And my favorite, e-mail sent to an e-mail address no one should have connected to a blog that the e-mail is not connected to in the first place.)

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