If You Follow My Other Account

If you follow my main account on Twitter (@DementedDoll), you know that I have quite a few signed/non-signed bands following me, that I follow a lot of bands/singers/musicians, and that I RT a lot of band pics, etc.

So you’d almost think I’d have an inside scoop from these people about new PRS at guitar center and stuff like that, but I don’t. In fact, most of these people completely ignore me when I attempt to talk to them through Twitter. Sometimes it makes me wonder why they follow me if they aren’t going to bother interacting with me, but I figure it is just to get me to notice them, since quite a few of them stop following me after I start following them. Of course, it could also be that so many new bands have started following me that I can’t respond to everyone before they unfollow me. LOL

So I have no way of knowing when the new guitars that everyone is excited about are coming out. Heck, I barely know when the band members’s signature instruments come out, like Ashley Purdy of Black Veil Brides and his signature bass or Nikki Sixx and his signature bass. It’d be nice to know when those things come out though – because then I could tell my friends who play guitar and bass what to look for. ;)

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