Gotta Love Netflix

We don’t have cable or satellite TV service right now. Part of the reason is that we can’t really afford it right now – after all, cable or satellite is at least $50 a month. By comparison, Netflix streaming is only $7.99 per month. So we use Netflix as a means to watch TV. Of course, this means that we’re watching shows that have either completely finished airing or we can only watch up to the most recently released season of a currently running show.

Netflix has become our best friend – it gives us something to do and we don’t even have to use the computer to watch it – I have a Wii hooked up to our 42″ LCD television, so we stream Netflix through the Wii. Right now we’re watching Season 7 of Charmed. I believe it’s season 7 anyway – I wasn’t paying attention when LaShawn started the episode. I’m not really paying attention anyways, I like Charmed, but it isn’t my absolute favorite show. I’d rather get going on Season 5 of Bones, which is what we’ll be watching next after this season of Charmed is finished. Charmed is finished of course, has been for years, but Bones is still going, in fact was just renewed in January for a 9th season.

The funny thing is, we rarely watch movies via Netflix. We watched the Children of the Corn series, except for Children of the Corn 2, because Netflix doesn’t have it available to stream. We watched the entire Hellraiser series, but honestly, those get dumber and dumber as you go along toward the final movie. Yes, we watch horror movies when we do watch movies on Netflix. :D

But I have to say, gotta love Netflix. Tons of TV shows, including The Walking Dead, Bones, Warehouse 13, Charmed, Being Human (both UK & US), Vampire Diaries, Eureka, Doctor Who (not entirely sure what seasons), Buffy, Supernatural, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and American Horror Story. They even have Firefly, for those who love Firefly. :)

Yep, I love Netflix, tons of shows, some still running, tons of movies, and much cheaper than cable or satellite. :)

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