Gaming Websites

So for those who may be wondering what gaming websites I do and don’t play at, here is a short list of sites:

  • Pogo
  • Yahoo! Games very seldom
  • MSN Games very seldom
  • Facebook – like it or not, it has games
  • MySpace – again, like it or not, it has games

I usually only utilize Pogo and Facebook, but I am known to occasionally wander into Yahoo!, MSN or MySpace. Most of MySpace’s games are also available on Facebook and the ones that are not there are usually meh anyway. Yahoo!’s game rooms became too spammy and smutty for my tastes, plus people come in and hold tournaments and clog the chat for those who just want to talk anyway. MSN games are pretty cool, but many of them kind of stink if you play the web version.

What gaming sites, if any, do you go to?

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