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I’m starting to be sorry I brought my BFF into it. She just joined on Monday, submitted her first order this morning, and got a text message from our district sales manager – she didn’t order enough, so the DSM is demanding that she submit her order on Tuesday (the absolute last day it can be submitted and still be an “on time” order for this campaign) and wants an order of at least $100.

This after going on and on about how Avon doesn’t have quotas, doesn’t have this, doesn’t have that, blah blah blah. Now my BFF is wishing she hadn’t joined up and I’m wishing I hadn’t taken her to that Avon event on Monday where she ended up signing up.

I NEVER got treated this way when I started. This isn’t “encouragement” this is flat out being far too pushy. I’ve put in orders that are only a couple bucks + books and never gotten a text message or email that I’m not doing enough. But she won’t leave my BFF alone. I’m seriously starting to be truly sorry I ever brought her into this. 🙁