Why you should keep Pets

For some individuals, the idea of welcoming a pet can seem like a huge responsibility. But those with pets will all agree that pets have the potential to bring so much joy into our lives, and with almost no effort at all on their part. What you may or may not know is that aside from eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle, pets can also go a longway in ensuring that you remain happy and healthy. Not convinced? Here are some great benefits of owning pets:

They are affordable

Most pets are affordable, not just to acquire, but also to take care of as well. Providing for an animal is not as expensive because most only require the basics, that is, food, shelter, andlove. If you need a low maintenance pet, there are some great alternatives such as fish that are not too costly or needy; even small ones have some great benefits to offer.

It can allow you to rediscover yourself

Keeping a pet serves as a great way for individuals to rediscover themselves and who they are at their core so that they can start to find their sense of purpose. Keeping pets allows individuals to feel needed and wanted, which is important for human beings.

Numerous health benefits

There are numerous benefits of owning a pet, but none are as vital as the health benefits. A simple act of stroking a cat or petting your dog can help you relax and lower your blood pressure. Studies show that individuals who own pets are less likely to suffer from serious conditions such as heart attacks or strokes compared to people that do not. Additionally, people that have pets experience a general increase in physical activity, which is just another added bonus or keeping pets.

Psychological benefits

Sharing your life with a pet or two also has some great psychological advantages including having a general feeling of constant love and support from your furry friend. Today’s contemporary life can be very hectic to handle and can result in increased incidences of depression and anxiety. Fortunately, pets can also play therapeutic and emotional roles that you may not be able to fully appreciate at first.


The sheer presence of a dog or cat in your home can do wonders for you if you are dealing with loneliness. The stresses of life can melt away as soon as a beloved pet shows affection to its owner. Pets make great companions, and because they do not have the same agenda as humans, you can be sure of their loyalty, which is great when you have trust issues. Furthermore, what could be better than coming home to an excited dog that is happy to have you?



What Happens in a Tenancy Cleaning Dispute?

A good number of landlord-tenancy disputes are seen in London each month. Realtors say that about 60% of these disputes arise from withheld tenancy deposit refunds. The majority of these tenancy deposit cases arise from disputes on end of tenancy cleaning. A landlord will be quick to dispute cleaning that they think do not reflect the standard of his house. When this happens, the law requires that the tenancy deposit is locked by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme until the dispute is cleared. The TDS determines whether the tenant is liable to cover cleaning costs again.

Facts on tenancy cleaning

  • The tenant is supposed to leave the house in the same state of cleanliness as it was at the beginning for the tenancy
  • Cleanliness is different from wear and tear. Some items will naturally wear and tear during the tenancy, for example, the paint on the floor. The tenant is not supposed to take care of the paint but should leave the floor clean.
  • End of tenancy cleaning is an intensive job requiring cleaning from the ceiling to the floor.

Common areas of dispute

  • Shower/bath -Soap scum and water stains on the wall that remains behind are disputed as is limescale on the shower faucets.
  • Fridge/freezer – The fridge/freezer should be emptied and defrosted. It should then be cleared of any mould/mildew with an antiseptic. Disputes will arise when mould starts growing and there are smells even after cleaning if the fridge was not properly disinfected.
  • Windows – Disputes will usually arise when windows accumulate dust. This can happen if the house is in a dusty place and there is a time gap before the inspection is done.
  • Floor – A stained and discoloured floor can raise a dispute on whether this is natural wear and tear or improper cleaning. This is more so with light coloured tiles which discolour gradually from use.

Moving in report

The dispute will usually be settled on the strength of the moving in report. This is the inventory that shows the state of the house as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. The tenant is supposed to go through this report and report any missing items in 7 days, and any issues on cleanliness in 48 hours. The adjudicator will usually look at whether the tenant made these objections.

Using end of tenancy cleaners

In the absence of support by a moving-in report, the best protection from dispute for a tenant would be to use end of tenancy clean London services. This ensures a thorough job that is indisputable

Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaners? Questions to Ask

Hiring end of tenancy cleaners is something that you will do severally in your life as a tenant.  How you go about hiring the cleaning service makes a difference; whether the job will pass the landlord’s inspection and your tenancy deposit is refunded, or the job is shoddy, leading to a dispute with the landlord and withholding of your tenancy deposit.

A good number of people will engage the first cleaning service that seems cheapest, much to their disappointment when they have to do a repeat job. Here are some questions you should ask an end of tenancy North London service when engaging them for end of tenancy cleaners.

How do you charge?

Some cleaning services charge by the hour while others charge by area size (square feet). Some will have standard charges by the number of rooms handled, e.g. 3-bedroom house costs X pounds. It is good to know the charging criteria lest it is disadvantageous to you.  Being charged per hour for a 5-bedroom house, for example, can cost more than being charged per square footage.

What is your off-limits list?

Different cleaning services have different tasks they do not handle. Many will not handle hazardous tasks like spilt chemicals. Others will stay away from organic hazards like blood and human waste.  Some will shy away from tasks that involve lifting heavy furniture because they do not wish to carry the liability in case this furniture breaks.

It is crucial that you establish the off-limits list of a cleaning service. This will avoid misunderstandings where you think that the company has deliberately skipped some tasks.

Are there special preparations required?

Will the cleaning service require you to avail any equipment or cleaning materials? It is important to know if the cleaning crew would need anything from you. This way the work is not stalled in case what they need is not available.

Are there guarantees of good work?

How does the cleaning service ensure that good work is done? What happens if the work is not done properly? The cleaning service should establish this so that there are no unnecessary disputes if the landlord disputes this work.

You should also establish who assumes the cost in case of a repeat job. Will the cleaning company agree to show this in the agreement? Establishing these facts can save you good money in case the job is not done professionally.

An end of tenancy cleaning North London service is your best guarantee for a professional cleaning job. Ask the questions above and get the right service.

Top 5 Best Home Pets

Humans make pets part of their family and you will plainly not see an elephant keeping a lion company. Pets offer comfort and companionship, and they provide various benefits to their owners.

It is believed people who own pets always experience high self-esteem, improved physical benefits and reduced feelings of loneliness. The following are best pets that you can keep at your home.


The dog is considered man’s best friend and you will not miss one in most households. This animal has helped humans in their endeavors, and most of all provide security. Dogs will risk their lives to protect their human companions. Dogs can do anything from hunting, bomb detection and rescue people from disasters.

They are the most preferred pets because they are beautiful, playful, and dutiful and love unconditionally.


Cats are known to be the cleanest pets and have better hygiene compared to dogs. They are the most independent pets and don’t require more attention like dogs. In addition to that, they can still be comfortable even without the presence of their owners.

Did you know cats can learn some tricks just like the dog? You can teach them to fetch things or make them play some game. Cats are safer and friendlier since they cannot pounce on the guests.


Rabbits are adorable, beautiful, have funny ears and adapt well to the humans. In the category of small pets, they have the longest life spans ranging from 7 to 10 years. They are the most favorite pets for kids because they have soft fur and floppy ears. They always tend to follow the owner around the house.


Birds are easy to maintain and can be as social as dogs.  They are also easy to breed, and you can raise their young ones with little effort. They are colorful if they become part of your home and their tweeting sounds can be charming. You can keep your birds in one area of your home to prevent the messing everywhere. The following breeds of birds can comfortably adapt to humans canaries, lovebirds, finches and cockatiels.


If you love pet rodents, then hamsters are the best option for you. They are good pets and easy to look after. Apart from that, they are friendly and relatively independent requiring less attention than any other pets like the dogs. To make t hamsters enjoy the stay, ensure to buy them toys.



Benefits of Keeping a Pet in Your Home

Did you know owning a pet has many benefits to our health? It’s not all about the unconditional love they offer to their owners. They provide both emotional and health benefits.

If you do not own a pet, consider getting one and be assured of low blood pressure, stress and anxiety. The positives of pets are numerous and include the following;


Loneliness has been linked to various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. A study published in “aging and mental“journal, indicates that those older adults who own pets were 36% less lonely than those don’t own any pet.

They Keep You Fit

Dogs love getting out with their masters or spend some time playing together. To remain happy and healthy, dogs need regular walks and exercises. Apart from that, these pets will make you fit when you are feeling lazy or cannot perform other physical activities they will make you run around the park, and it can be the best trainer.

Reduces Stress

According to a 2002 study at the State University of New York, pets reduced stress when around people than the presence of relatives and your spouse. Apart from that, when your dog accompanies you to walks or plays some games together, you relieve the stress and anxiety within your body.

You Make Many Friends

It can prove hard to meet new people, but if you are a dog owner, you are sure to meet with other pet owners at the vet or park. Apart from that, you will often find people stopping you from talking about your dog regarding its fur, breed, and color. If you are not useful in socialization, pets can be significant in creating bonds quickly with other people. It can also help you meet that particular person in your life.

Prevents Your Children Developing Allergies In Future

Pets can be significant in improving immunity and stopping allergies in your children in the future. The more you introduce pets to your children while young, the less development of allergies in his/her adult life. However, it is not sure that it will stop specific allergies in your child.

They Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Kids love owning pets in their childhood years. They can be useful in instilling them with essential skills such as cleaning the pets and teaching them tricks. The fact that pets like dogs are playful, your children will always be active and happy.